Friday, September 12, 2008

My newest Podcast subscription

I have subscribed to quite a few different podcasts over the years, but I set out looking through iTunes for a new one to fulfill an assignment for a Graduate class I am taking. I decided to look for one that would give me some tips and tricks about Photoshop Elements. I ran across quite a few, but the one that I ended up subscribing and listening to is "Graffi's Photoshop and Elements Video Tutorials Podcast". There were TONS of 2-7 minutes video podcasts (or vodcasts) that demonstrate very simple (and some NOT so simple) tasks and effects. One of the casts that I listened to/watched was about creating unique brush tips for the Paintbrush tool. I learned how to make my own brush tips using custom shapes and drawn objects. I am excited to use this feature in future projects. I teach quite a few Photoshop techniques to my students and I think they will be great at creating new and unique brush tips for me to use, as well. The only critique I have with these podcasts is that the video is a bit grainy and at times can be rather choppy. Check out this podcast and start creating!!

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