Monday, May 19, 2014

Who needs an Hour of Code --- Let's do a Summer of Code!!

We are in the midst of the last few days of school in my district.  Projects are being completed, final assessments are given,...and, let's be honest, the kids are starting to shut down.  Right?  During the last rotation of Computer classes, I always give my kids the chance to put the finishing touches on any project that needs to be completed.  If they happen to be finished with everything they get the chance to free choice!  Usually this means that kids are tunnel-visioned on Super DX Ball or messing around on some of the fun websites I've curated on our school website -- especially the last week of school.

Not this year.  They are coding!

We, like many around the country, participated in the Hour of Code in December 2013.  We were even privileged with the opportunity to participate in a Tech Titan web chat with Susan Wojcicki, one of the senior VP's of Google.    We have done coding before, but I was amazed at how quickly the kids took to the tutorials and lessons on the website.  Even after our lessons ended and we loved in to other skills, my students continued to go back to those activities whenever they had a free moment....even during the last few days of school.

So,'s your summer assignment!  Show me what you can do with the following Code-centric apps and sites.  If you create something cool and amazing...share it with me!   I'll be checking my email from beside the pool!  Happy Summer!


Cargo-Bot (Free)
Tynker (Free and Paid)
Kodable (Free and Paid)
Daisy the Dinosaur (Free)
Move the Turtle (2.99)
Hopscotch (Free)

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