Monday, May 5, 2014

If I knew then what I know now....

The life of a teacher is hard to explain to people outside of the educational realm.  Everyone has their thoughts and opinions on how easy or hard this career can be.  Not until you have gone through that first YEAR (or first FEW years) of teaching can you ever really know how challenging -- and rewarding -- this profession is.  I'm finishing my 20th year of teaching this May.  As long as my career has been -- I can still remember the first day of my first year.  I can remember the excitement and the fear I had when those children walked into my room for the first time.  I was their leader.  I recall the lessons that I thought would be so great and engaging ended up being complete messes.  The eye rolls and the heavy sighs of boredom can still be seen and heard in my mind.  I remember the kids that pushed me to my limit and tested every ounce of patience that I had....but I also remember watching them grow and mature while they were in my classes.   I was surprised to discover the times when the simplest lesson became the greatest learning experience for me and the kids.  I learned over the years to let the students help guide the learning process.  I learned to facilitate -- and not just lead.  I learned how to be a teacher....not from a text book or a course in college...but by my students.  They taught me to expect the unexpected, to see genius in the little things, and to believe that anything is possible if you just keep trying.

To my friends in the teaching profession during Teacher Appreciation Week -- I say thank you!!   Think back through your years of teaching all the way back to that first year and congratulate yourself!  Think about the difference you are making each and every day in the lives of your students.  Be proud!



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