Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ESU 5 Tech Fair Presentation - June 2014

Today, my friend and colleague, Susan, and I had the opportunity to share our Google Drive: It's Elementary presentation with some great educators at the ESU 5 Tech Fair in Beatrice, Nebraska.  We had a great crowd in our session and had a wonderful time sharing.

Make sure to check out the QR Code and link at the end of the presentation that will take you to a Google Drive Folder filled with great project ideas and templates that use all of the Google Apps for Education.  Enjoy!  #esu5TF2014  #GAFE

Friday, June 20, 2014

Are you a DCT?

Friday night and I am home in my recliner reading tweets, news feeds, and blogs looking for that next cool app, thought, or web 2.0 tool.  Good times, right?

One of the good reads I found was on the Daily Genius.  This is a new blog for me and if you aren't familiar with the Daily Genius -- check them out on the web, Twitter, or Facebook.

The post focused on being a Digitally Competent Teacher -- a DCT!  It spoke specifically of the characteristics of a digitally competent teacher -- and not just a teacher with digital "skills".  I think this is an important distinction to point out -- since I think many times we become so enamored with the technology that we forget how to best utilize it to aid and enhance our students learning.   The best part of the blog was the really easy-to-read infographic they shared -- so I am sharing it with you!

Are you a DCT?

Thank you Daily Genius for this great visual!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Twenty-one PBS Kids apps -- Free Today!

If you are like me -- then you are always looking for the best apps to use with your students.  One of my favorite go-to sites to find great FREE apps is  If you sign up, you get daily emails highlighting some of the greatest educational apps out there that are free, inexpensive, or free for a limited time.

Here is a highlight from todays email :

Click here for a direct link to the page.  You can select whichever app strikes your fancy and you will be redirected to iTunes App Store.

Happy Downloading!