Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Importing and Exporting -- Fun with Photobooth

My students love the PhotoBooth app.  Who doesn't?  An application that allows you to take endless "selfies" and twist, twirl, and warp your face so that you look like something out of a fantasy movie?  PERFECT for a kid of any age!  

Most of the time, my kiddos use the app when they earn some free time after finishing projects -- but we also use it to learn the art of exporting and importing files.  

My Second Graders have recently been working on creating Kid Pix documents that involve them importing 4 images and adding text as captions.  Simple and easy fun for them -- and a project that allows me to assess their skill at exporting/importing as well as text editing (font, color, and size).

First -- we take four selfies showing four different emotions.  I use a word bank on the whiteboard to give ideas of emotions and we do a couple of practice "snaps" to get our face loosened up.  

Second -- we export our four images to the desktop by dragging and dropping them out of the Photo bin and onto the desktop.  I've also had them drag them to a folder with their name on it inside the Student document folder (our local save file) on the hard drive if I want them to keep the images for another use.  

Third -- I provide a simple template in Kid Pix Deluxe that has the screen divided into four quadrants.  Student use the Import-Graphic option in the menu bar and bring in each of the images.  It's a challenge at first -- because Kid Pix brings in the images really big.  Like REALLY big -- and they have to carefully resize and relocate the pictures so that they are inside each of the four areas.  

Fourth -- Once all the pictures are imported, they start adding text boxes with simple captions that state the emotion being shown. 

I ask that each caption be typed grammatically correct and that punctuation is used.  I also ask that they modify the text in at least two ways using the font, color, and size options.  

Yes -- it's an easy activity -- but the kids love it and they are fun to hang up at conference time.

What activities do you do with PhotoBooth?

NOTE:  Apologies for subjecting you all to my images and not sharing some student work.  I figured it would be best to keep their images off a public blog.  You'll have to trust me that their work is much cuter than mine!  :-)

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