Monday, December 15, 2014


Just ran across this and had to share.  I love this!!


Comment re: the above movie from

In the old days, we rummaged through our parents' garages turning soda cans into hockey pucks, cardboard boxes into magical forts, and bedsheets into magician's capes. We found joy in using our imagination to transform simple and unassuming things into the building blocks of something truly extraordinary.  
Technology runs our world today, and our children are becoming more and more glued to their screens. We want them to grow up not being mere consumers of these digital tools. We need new ways to play that take them beyond the screen. As parents, we want our children to find their own joy in learning and become shapers of their own worlds.
... remember the spark of inspiration you got from that cardboard box or tire swing while you played as a child. 
So here's to creativity. We hope you'll keep exploring with us on this next phase of our journey - helping every child question, think, and create. Every day.

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