Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FETC 2015, Part 4 - You, Too, Can Symbaloo

For my last post on my FETC 2015 experience, I am going to showcase the Poster Session on which I collaborated with my good friend, Susan (@fabprab).  The session is titled "You, Too, Can Symbaloo".  Symbaloo is one of our favorite tools to collect, curate, and share web resources to our students and colleagues.  

Symbaloo allows you to create a board on a topic and then collect websites on it in the form of small picture squares.  You can move the squares around, rename them, or even delete them if you want.  The boards can be shared via web link or embedded on a website or blog.  They are all searchable from within the Symbaloo search bar as well.  

I have a link to some of my other Symbaloo pages in the menu above.  Just click on Webmixes! 

Check out the webpage that Susan set up as part of the session.  Lots of great resources and "how-to's" if you are interested in creating your own Symbaloo boards.  


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Susan said...

Loved presenting with you and sharing about all our fav tech tools, especially Symbaloo!!! :) Thanks for posting about our experiences at FETC!