Sunday, January 25, 2015

FETC 2015, Part 2 - Two Guys with some iPads

One of my favorite sessions that I attended was by Two Guys with some iPads -- aka Brad Waid (@TechBradWaid) and Drew Minock (@TechMinock). 

Their session was titled "Bring a New Dimension to Learning with Augmented Reality".  I had seen and heard of AR, but never had time to really process it.  Basically, AR is taking a two dimensional image, or target, and making it 3D or 4D, turning it into a movie, or adding sound by using an app and your devices camera.  Brad and Drew did an amazing job of getting the VERY full room of attendees excited about learning with AR.  They shared tons of great apps and ideas -- below are some of my favorites.

AR Flashcards -- Great for early childhood or ESL students.  Fun for kids (or adults) of any age!
  1. Animals and Dinosaurs
  2. Space

FETCH! Lunch Rush -- This fun little game has you working on a movie set and it's lunch time for the actors.  Your job is to solve math problems and use the AR cards to answer and collect food the hungry cast members.

Anatomy 4D -- Through this app and the printed image, students can get an interactive view of the human body and all of its systems -- including the heart!  This app truly is amazing -- however it's also VERY anatomically correct.  If you are using with little kids there is a slider that allows the epidermal layer to be invisible.

Spacecraft 3D --  NASA's app lets you learn about (and interact) with quite a few of their spacecrafts that are used to explore the solar system.  There are options to animate the AR image within the app.  VERY cool!

I've had a lot of fun on this lazy Sunday playing with a lot of these apps and I can't wait to incorporate them into some lessons with my students.  They are going to love it!  If you haven't ever played with AR -- head to the app store and check some of them out -- search for AR or Augmented Reality.  There are lots of free apps as well as paid.  All of the apps I have played with today have an option to download or email the printable targets.  

Have fun!

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