Friday, January 30, 2015

Seedball and Coding?

This week I was trying to figure out a couple more activities for my Littles (Kindergarteners).  I was looking through my bag of tricks and came across a site from TVOKids that I have used for a few years.  It's called SeedBall.  I posted on this little gem about a year or so ago.  The premise of the activity is to create a viable path from the top of the Seed Silo to the trailer attached to the car at the bottom of the screen using simple and advanced (i.e.  wacky) parts.  I compare it to designing a waterslide or roller coaster.  

The Littles have always loved this activity and it's been very popular with the older kids when they earn free time or finish assignments early.  I guess that's why it has stayed in my above-mentioned bag of tricks.  

Today, however, I was impressed with how the kids were using our coding vocabulary while creating their paths.  They were applying CODING principles outside of our and programming lessons!  Color me PROUD!  

"It's like we are creating an algorithm for the seedball to follow!  Each thingy is like a command!"

"Something isn't working, Mr. Rushing!  We have to debug it!"

"These parts are cool!  They are like variables, right?  If I put that one there, I have to put this one here!"

So I decided to step it up.  I challenged the Littles to get creative! I challenged them to try and make the longest path, the shortest path, the most creative path....I encouraged them to help their neighbors debug problem paths and help find a solution....

I was amazed at how in to this they were.  I really think it has to do with the Coding lessons we have been doing.  It's empowered them to be creative, to take risks, to problem solve.  

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!