Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fun with FotoJet

I was recently asked to check out and review a fun new photo site called FotoJet.  There are a lot of collage creators and sites that allow the user to mash up their favorite photos -- many of which I have used -- but I really enjoyed checking out all of the templates and features that FotoJet has to offer.  

One thing that I noticed right away is that it's all FREE!  Everything from creating covers or posts for Facebook to Baby Announcements to Anniversary or Thank You cards.  FREE!  They even have sample pages and tutorials on how to make certain types of pages.  

First -- Choose your design!

There are tons of great designs to choose from.  Classic designs like many of the other sites out there are available, as well as some really fabulous templates (modern, art, 3D, etc).  Pick one and get started -- or do like I do and play around with LOTS of them to find just the right one!

 Second -- Add your photos!

FotoJet allows you to add photos directly from your computer or Facebook account.  I found that adding from my Albums in Facebook was very easy -- and I could also grab my images from folders on my computer or DropBox just as quickly.  

Pictures are brought in to a gallery space on the left of the screen and you can import them where you want by dragging and dropping them onto the template that you chose.  You could also click the autofill button to have them placed for you.

If the template you chose has text -- you can use the text tools to change font, size, and color!!
I was also pleased to a photo editor/filter in FotoJet.  After you bring an image into the template, you can apply filters (similar to iPhoto, Instagram, etc), zoom in, flip it horizontally or vertically, even get into the nitty gritty and change exposure, hue and saturation, contrast, and brightness.  

Third -- Share and Save your collage!

After you have made your beautiful new collage, you can save it directly to Facebook or download as a .jpg or .png with a quick click of your mouse.  Simple!

Check out some of the great FotoJet SAMPLES -- or better yet -- check it out for yourself and make your own.  I am adding this to my bag of tricks and will be using it with my students at school.  I can see them making me some great new Class Expectation posters, vocabulary posters for Computer Science, as well as using it for their own projects in other classes!  

I would love to hear if you like FotoJet -- and how you are going to use it in your classroom!

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