Thursday, July 5, 2018

Getting Unstuck with Scratch

A few days ago I signed up for a creative learning experience sponsored by the fine folks at Scratch.  Scratch is a block based coding language created for kids by MIT.  "Getting Unstuck" is 21 days of small programming challenges in Scratch, delivered to your email inbox from July 5 until July 25, 2018.

My students and I love using the program and I am excited to stretch my creativity and get some new ideas for next year!

This is the challenge I received for Day 1:


Create a project that whenever two sprites collide, one of them says, “Excuse me!” and the other sprite says, “Certainly.” (Remember, if you get stuck, find inspiration and support in the Teaching with Scratch Facebook group, our list of Getting Unstuck strategies, or on Twitter at #CreativeComputing.)


Add your Scratch project to this studio to share how you approached today’s challenge. Then, check out and comment on some other examples in the studio! A great way to learn is to study the varied ways other people imagined and programmed creative responses.


Take a moment to reflect on your creative process in the Notes and Credits section of your project. What did you learn from creating this project? What did you notice about how other people approach the challenge?
Here is the link to my project.  I might continue to add a few things here and there -- but, for the most part, it's complete. 

If you would like to sign up and learn more about Scratch and unleash your own creativity -- sign up here:


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