Here are some of the Symbaloo webmixes that I have made, modified or use with my students.  Click on the title of the webmix you would like to preview or use.

Harlem Renaissance

Learn about the Harlem Renaissance with this Symbaloo.  Research contributing members of the HR and learn about the art, music, literature, theatre, dance, and politics of the 1920's.  

Purely Presidential

Great resource for research the Presidents.  I am using this with my 4th graders as a research project!  This is a wonderful collection of sites focusing on our leaders.  

Money Symbaloo Webmix -- Kdg/1st

Some really fun activities that help Kindergarten and First Grade students learn to count money.  

My students really enjoyed the Money Bingo, Bank Vault, and Treasure Hunt. 

There is also a link to a pretty neat video showcasing how our paper money is designed and printed.  Make sure to check out the Money Factory Video!!

Painted Lady Butterfly Webmix -- 1st/2nd

This webmix was made with my 2nd graders in mind.  Every year they study the life cycle of the butterfly and the teachers love it when I can help with research.  
This year we researched using the different sites and used Padlet.com to take notes on the different stages.  The kids had a great time watching the notes appear from all of their friends around the room.
We then shared the finished Padlet with their teachers for use in their classrooms.

NeSA Practice Activities Webmix -- 3rd/4th/5th

Here are some great resources for kids that want to brush up on the basics!  All of these sites support skills that are tested on the NeSA tests each year.  
My students aren't overly fond of the term NeSA -- but getting them to work on these activities is really easy!

Animal Webcam Webmix -- Fun for anyone!!

This is one of my favorite webmixes!  I wish I could take the credit for collecting all of these sites -- but I have to give a major shout out to my friend and colleague, Susan Prabulos of The Digital Scoop, for curating this webmix.  She has found some of the best animal webcams around and put them all together in one easy to use location.
My first graders LOVED using this site when they were in the middle of their animal research unit.  Seeing the animals LIVE and moving around was exciting!

Wonderopolis Webmix -- Learning is fun!

Wonderopolis is a great site FILLED with "Huh! I didn't know that!!" type articles and videos.  Each day the site highlights a "wonder of the day".  You can also search by topic if you are seeking something specific.  

This webmix is just a smattering of some of their topics....a one-stop-shop, so to speak.  Thank you to Matt Gomez, curator of Kinderchat, for creating this awesome webmix!

I like using this with my kids as a way to get them writing.  The wonders seem to engage the kids more and the writing they produce (when compared to traditional writing prompts) is excellent!!   Wonder away, friends!

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